Whole 30 Check in- 2 weeks in!

Happy Monday. Or as I like to call it the half way point thru the Whole 30.


These past two weeks have been both easy and hard.  I have learn a lot about my feelings on food, my feelings on the whole 30 and where I think the next two weeks are going to take me.

What is the Whole 30?

Simply speaking it where you cut out food groups that could have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.  Things like dairy, gluten, and sugar. These items are common issues for many people. Not only do you cut out beans (peanuts and any legumes), alcohol (bye bye rose), and the most important no cheating. You must go the whole 30 days without cheating. Any slip means you go back to square one. There are several other small rules and guidelines that focus you to eat only whole foods that have been minimally processed.

Why did I want to do the Whole 30?

There are several reasons. First, I wanted to see if I could make it the whole 30 days.  It is a short and long amount of time. It is only 30 days which I felt was a reasonable amount of time. It is almost like an little award you get for finishing it. I'm all about doing things that are hard.

I also wanted to give myself a little bit of a detox. I hate that word though. I really just wanted to have some healthy food and get my body feeling better from the inside out. I was having lots of issues (constipation, stuffy nose, tiredness) and I was hoping that if I cut some of these items out for a while I could figure out what was giving me my issues.

What has been the hardest part?

I eat pretty clean right now but this means really looking at everything before I buy it or eat it. I have to look for any added sugar (including honey, maple syrup and stevia). I can't eat things that have many chemicals (all almond milks in my area). No quick snacks like greek yogurt or smoothie.

But this means taking more time to think about what I am going to eat. And many of the limits means I have about 4 meals that I have been using daily. It can get boring. I don't like to spend a lot of time cooking and this really means you have to cook each night. Most restaurants are not Whole 30 compliant which sucks. Nothing is worst than getting home on a hot day and having to cook a whole dinner.

What has been the easiest? 

Not tracking calories, macro, or anything else. Just following the basics and eating when I'm hungry. Also fruit! I love fruit so much. It makes me happy especially in summer. Not having to worry about how much I am eating is great. It doesn't mean that I'm eating it with every meal or going overboard but it just makes each day a little sweeter.

How has working out/marathon training been going?

This is the area that I have been the most concerned about. I have signed up for my first marathon and I don't want anything to derail me from doing that. My upmost focus is my runs. I am in the mindset that if my runs suffer I will stop and go back.

I am on day 10 of my training plan made by my coach Marc and so far my runs have been going good. My pace has been slower than before but I did not run nearly as much after my half in June and it has been hot and humid (for Maine). That being said the longest run I have done so far is 7 miles.  But running without my normal cookie dough balls or toast in almond butter has been different.  I have been eating 1/2-1 whole banana with almond butter and coffee before I start my runs.

So far I have felt good throughout all the runs with normal pains and tiredness.  By logging all my runs for my coach I am keeping an eye out for any changes or drops in performance.

Are you going to finish it out?

This has been the topic I have talked my husband's ear off for the past 14 days. Right now the answer is yes!

I have specific things that would make me stop early.

  1. My running starts to suffer and I am unable to complete a run that I used.
  2. My stomach issues come back.
  3. My weight loss stalls

Stay tuned!